Scholae Romanae

Latin by the nature method

Because of the coronavirus, and to protect everybody’s health,
we’ve decided to delay our Schola Romanae to next year.
We’re very sorry. But, as the Latin saying goes, quod differtur non aufertur!

The direct method means that the sounds of the foreign tongue are associated directly with a thing,
or an act, or a thought, without the intervention of an English word,
and that these associations are grouped by a method.
(Rouse – Appleton, Latin on the direct method, 1925)

About the courses
The Scholae romanae are a Latin language course in Latin which is based on the “nature” or “inductive-contextual” method, and is directed towards everyone – teachers, students, or simply enthusiasts – who has a heart for the language of Rome.
Nevertheless, the course can be especially helpful to teachers who want to see in action some didactic strategies which might then be applied to the daily practice in schools.
At the end of the course, a certificate of attendance will be issued by the Schola Latina and the Pontificium institutum altioris latinitatis.

Five levels
Before the beginning of the course, the participants will choose one of five levels (from level A, elementary, to C, advanced).
We recommend that you take into account not only your passive knowledge of the language, but also – and even more importantly – your active (written and spoken) proficiency.
The textbook of reference for levels A and B will be H. H. Ørberg’s Familia Romana, whereas in level C we’ll read and discuss authors.
The following shows, for levels A and B, the chapters of Familia Romana which will be covered.
A1: chapters I through IX;
A2: chapters X through XIX;
B1: chapters XX through XXVI;
B2: chapters XXVII through XXXIV.
In level C, as previously mentioned, we’ll read authors, pagan and Christian, from every time period.
We’d like to form a group of twenty people or fewer, so that everyone will be able to participate actively: for this reason, in the case that there are too many or too few applicants for one group, we’ְre keeping open the possibility that we may add or eliminate one.

Not only lessons, but also seminars
In addition to the lessons, the participants will take part in seminars on various topics. They’ll have the opportunity to select which to follow, based on their interests and linguistic ability.

Where and when
The course will take place from the 3rd to the 6th of September, 2020 in Rome, at the “Casa San Juan de Ávila”, about a hundred metres from the “Cornelia” metro station (line A, or red line).
At the hotel, there are, for the free use of the participants, air conditioning, wi-fi connection, private parking, a swimming pool, and facilities for sports.

The participants will be welcomed in the Casa San Juan de Ávila at noon on September the 3rd. The inauguration will be at 4 p. m., and the first session from 6 to 7:30 p. m.
On the 4th and on the 5th of September, the activities will take place in this order:
9-11, lessons;
11-11:30, break;
11:30-1:30, lessons;
4-5:30, seminars;
5:30-6, break;
6-7:30, seminars.

On September the 6th, however:
9:30-10:45, lessons;
11-12, closing.

There will be seven teachers:
Roberto Carfagni (Schola Latina);
Natascia de Gennaro (“Istituto statale d’istruzione secondaria superiore Amaldi-Nevio”, Santa Maria Capua Vetere);
Paolo Pezzuolo (Schola humanistica);
Federico Pirrone (“Pontificia università della Santa Croce” and “Istituto italiano di studi classici”);
Irene Regini (Satura Lanx);
Iacopo Rubini (“Università pontificia salesiana”);
Enrico Tanca (Cesare Beccaria high school, Milan, and Athena nova).
In addition, on the first and last day, some other guests will be at the opening and closing ceremony, and they will speak, for the most part, in Latin.
Finally, some Latin and Greek textbooks that follow the active method will be displayed.

The cost of the course
The course costs 160 euros, which also includes all the educational materials (bag, notebook, pen, pages for the seminars, and a book). It doesn’t include, however, Familia Romana: therefore, we ask the participants of levels A and B to acquire the text on their own.

Room and board
Participants can stay at the Casa San Juan de Ávila in a single room, a double, triple, or quadruple. All of the rooms have a bathroom inside and are equipped with air conditioning and wi-fi connection.
Three nights in a single room with breakfast cost 144 euros.
Three nights in a double room with breakfast cost 99 euros per person.
Three nights in a triple room with breakfast cost 81 euros per person.
Three nights in a quadruple room with breakfast cost 75 euros per person.
Every meal (lunch and dinner), finally, costs 12 euros.
The above amounts do not include the tax for staying, which is equal to 3.5 euros per person for the day.

How to apply
To apply, it’s necessary to fill out this form and deposit a payment of 100 euros by means of a bank transfer.

The application will be kept valid the moment the deposit is received.
The applications will close on June the 30th the latest. But they might even close before that deadline if the maximum number of applicants is reached. Therefore, apply sooner than later!
Should you have any doubts or need any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.


For questions about our courses, requests and information,
do not hesitate to contact us.