Latin and Greek texts

In bibliothecis loquuntur defunctorum immortales animae.
Cfr. Plinius, Naturalis historia, XXXV, 2

 The original texts of Latin authors (sometimes with concordances, etc.)

 A collection of literary texts in various languages: for Latin, see “Bibliotheca Latina” (where, under “Auxiliaria”, you will also find a lot of links).

All Latin literary texts written before A. D. 200, as well as some texts selected from later antiquity.

An online library of prose texts from late antiquity (from the II to the VII century A. D.)

The original texts of Latin authors.

 A collection of Latin and Greek texts, containing also some modern commentaries, grammars, dictionaries and essays.

The Bible in Latin: the “New Vulgate” (1979).

A website in Italian, about Latin and Greek language and literature; with a section on classical prosody.

A collection of classical (Latin and Greek) texts.

Roman and Greek classics from the Loeb collection (original texts and English translations).

“A collection of works from ancient Greek and Roman literature in translation. The theme of the library is classical mythology and so the collection presented consists primarily of ancient poetry […], drama and prose renditions of myth.”

“The entire body of Latin literature, spanning from the earliest epigraphic remains to the Neo-Latinists of the eighteenth century.”

“A digital archive of Latin poetry, from its origins to the Italian Renaissance.”

53 downloadable Latin ebooks (both ancient and modern works).

A collection of Latin texts of all ages.

The “Corpus grammaticorum Latinorum” by Keil.

A collection of Latin texts translated into French.

A collection of Latin texts translated into German.

A bibliography of online neo-Latin texts.

A “Library of humanistic texts” (mainly poems published in Britain in the XVI and XVII centuries).

The University of Zurich “Corpus Corporum”: links to various corpora of Latin (and Greek) texts.

The site of the French National Library (Paris).