Omnis lingua usu potius discitur quam praeceptis,
id est audiendo, legendo, relegendo,
imitationem manu et lingua temptando quam creberrime.

Comenius, Ianua linguarum reserata.

Our studies and our experience led us to recognize Athènaze (Italian edition), by M. Balme, G. Lawall, L. Miraglia and T. F. Bórri, as the most effective Greek course.
This course follows the so-called nature method. Grammar is carefully taught, and learned inductively, i.e. from context (which is the natural process of learning). Much attention is also paid to vocabulary learning, by the inductive method: the words to be learned are chosen on the grounds of their frequency in the usage of classical writers.
The Greek language is constantly practiced, and a continuous narration, entirely in Greek, takes readers to ancient Athens, thereby also supplying them with many notions about Greek civilization and culture.

The books
At the elementary level, the main books are:

Athènaze I;
– Meletèmata I;
– Quaderno di esercizi, volume I;
– Quaderno di esercizi, volume II.

At the advanced level, the main books are:

– Athènaze II;
Meletèmata II

Complementary readings, based on the same method:

Ephòdion I: an anthology of Greek passages (for students who are using Athènaze I);
Ephòdion II: an anthology of Greek passages (for students who are using Athènaze II);
– La tavola di Cebète: a Hellenistic text with notes (for students who are using Athènaze I and Athènaze II).


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