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Our history

The Schola Latina was born in 2016, when, under the impulse of Roberto Carfagni, a group of friends, who had dedicated themselves for many years to the study and teaching of the classical languages in Europe and America, decided to combine their experiences and knowledge and to dedicate themselves to the spreading of Latin and Greek, also online, with special attention to the active method of teaching (the “nature method”, or “inductive-contextual”).
Some of them are also authors, or coauthors, of books which have been influential in the school and remodelled the the method of teaching, specifically, Athènaze, by M. Balme, G. Lawall, L. Miraglia and T. F. Bórri, and various subsidiary texts for Lingua Latina per se illustrata, by H. H. Ørberg, and for Athènaze.
After beginning, almost by chance, in the autumn of 2012 to conduct online Latin lessons, Roberto Carfagni, seeing the requests continually grow, turned to some of his friends from near and far. Together, we decided to expand our offer: in 2017, we held in Montella the first Scholae aestivae in Italia, an advanced course which has now become a yearly event, and recently we held the Scholae romanae, an intensive course at levels B2 and C1; there are also numerous refresher courses, online Latin and Greek courses, seminars, lessons, and lectures, which the members of the Schola Latina hold throughout the year online, in Italy and abroad.

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