Online summer Greek course

Graecia capta ferum victorem cepit, et artes
intulit agresti Latio.

Horace, Epistolae, II, 1, 156

What is it?
A summer Greek language course, based on the “nature”, or “inductive-contextual”, method, and directed towards everyone, from teachers to students to plain enthusiasts, who has a love for the language of Plato.

Elementary level
This summer we’ll offer only the elementary level, A1.
Students must have the following books:
Athènaze I (the much augmented Italian edition) and Meletèmata I. We’ll study the first five chapters, in which the following points of grammar are dealt with: the alphabet; Greek orthography and pronunciation; the article; the first and second declension; first class adjectives; personal pronouns; possessives; the present indicative active; the imperative active; the infinitive active.

A course tailored for you
We believe that Greek is a language too, and that in order to learn any language well, one must exercise the four basic linguistic skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing.
We want everybody to take an active part in our lessons: that’s why, the group will be composed of no more than ten participants.
To get an idea of how our lessons go, and to choose the right level, we recommend taking a look at the following video.

Dates of the course and timetable of lessons
The course will be held from the 5th of July to the 27th of August (16 75-minute lessons: two per week).
All lessons will be held on Zoom. They will follow this timetable: every Tuesday and Friday, at 4:30 p. m., Rome time (UTC + 2).
Should you be unable to attend a lesson, the Schola Latina will be glad to provide you with a video recording.

To help participants to meet and make friends, we’ll form a group on Whatsapp or similar programmes.

Teaching material
Students must have the following books:
Athènaze I (the much augmented Italian edition) and Meletèmata I. Other teaching material will be provided by our teacher during the lessons.

All lessons will be held by Mr
Renan Marques Liparotti.

Cost of the course
The course costs 220 euros. This doesn’t include the above mentioned books.

How to apply
The applications will close no later than June the 18th, but they might even close before that deadline, if the maximum number of applicants is reached. So apply sooner rather than later!
To apply, it is required to fill out the form below. Upon receiving the application, you will be provided all details needed to make the bank transfer.
The application will be kept valid the moment the deposit is received, provided this happens within ten days after the sending of the form.
All those who who have taken part in at least one course held from April to June 2024, and all those who are under 21 years of age at the time of registration, will receive a discount of 10%. The discounts are not combinable.

In short
Language of the course: Greek (sometimes also English, Italian or Spanish)
Level: elementary (A1)
Maximum number of participants per group: 10
Date of beginning: the 5th of July
Duration of the course: 16 75-minute lessons for 8 weeks
Teaching material: Athènaze I and Meletèmata I
Teacher: Renan Marques Liparotti
Cost of the course: 220 euros

About us
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