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Schola Latina

We teach all levels of Latin (and Greek), from beginning to advanced.
And we do this in Latin (or Greek).

Who we are

Our goal is to promote and spread the study and knowledge of the Latin and Greek languages and literatures.

Latin and Greek are not only ancient languages: they have a very long history, from ancient times to the present. Latin, in particular, is Cicero’s and Virgil’s language, of course; but it is also the language of saint Augustine and saint Thomas Aquinas, Petrarch and Erasmus, Descartes and Linnaeus, and is still in use nowadays, for example, in canon law and classical scholarship.
The classical languages allow us to travel in space and time, and to acquire a critical awareness of our own time, and at the same time of the two distinctive features of human nature: ratio and oratio, or, to use a single Greek word that includes the meanings of both, lógos.

The inductive-contextual method (or nature method) is based on the text and the context, from which students draw forms and constructions, and the meaning of words and phrases. Morphology and syntax are first inductively assimilated, by the identification of recurrent structures and the necessary reflection, and then organized in a systematic manner.
The aim of this method is to allow the student to read fluently and understand correctly Latin (and Greek) classics: active use of the language – writing and speaking in Latin – is strongly recommended, because it is a very important and effective means to achieve that goal.

What do we offer?

In addition to our online Latin and Greek courses, we offer scholae aestivae per Rete (online summer courses), scholae latinae (online Latin and Latin composition courses), scholae graecae (online Greek courses), scholae de litteris latinis (courses on Latin literature), scholae aestivae in Italia (an intensive summer course at the advanced level) and scholae romanae (at levels B2 and C1).
We also offer courses in the teaching of Latin and Greek by the nature method (scholae pro magistris).
Furthermore, we are willing (provided a sufficient number of people are interested) to send our teachers to give an intensive course (scholae ubique).
Finally we organize
guided tours to the ancient Roman and Greek monuments of Italy, with explanations and readings of classics, entirely in Latin.

Countries of origin of the students

Our blog

About the classical languages and their teaching.

For questions about our courses, requests and information,
do not hesitate to contact us.

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