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Why learn Latin?


In our previous article, we established that Latin is a language of history and culture, that allows us to follow man’s path across centuries and understand two fundamental perspectives: historicity and rationality. If it is true that a few reasons for studying Latin are for the most part less valid today than in previous centuries, when the knowledge of the language of Rome had obvious practical implications and was necessary to access certain careers (for example, attorneys, notaries, other legal experts, doctors, administrators, and of course the entire hierarchy of the catholic Church), it is no less true [...]

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Via directa


Symbola quae sequitur anno 1938° in commentariis Societatis linguae latinae usui internationali adaptandae, qui Lygia appellabantur, a Villelmo Henrico Denham Rouse latine exarata apparuit. Villelmus ille (1863°-1950°) linguae latinae graecaeque illustris magister fuit, qui Cantabrigiae viam directam ad linguas docendas, quae dicitur, diu ac strenue excoluit. Plura scire volentibus de via directa hunc et hunc eiusdem Rouse librum suademus. Symbola quam hic proponimus in ipsis commentariis hic legi potest. VIA DIRECTA O praeclaram beate vivendi et apertam et simplicem et directam viam! (Cicero, De finibus, I 57). Si rogas, quonam modo latine sit discendum, praesto est responsum: disce utendo! [...]

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De Ara pacis


Vere novo, vobis monstrare cupimus imaginem lacunariorum Arae Pacis, quam curavit exstruendam Augustus, ut memoriae proderet victoriam suam de populis circa Mare Nostrum incolentibus. Constructio conscita est a. d. III Id. Iul. anno XIII ante Christum natum, et ara ipsa dedicata a. d. III Kal. Feb. anno IX ante Christum natum: qui dies Liviae natalis erat, uxoris imperatoris. Facta est ex marmore Carrariensi, neque secus atque templum minus, in quibus sacrificia rite perpetrabantur. Dividitur in lacunaria, ex quibus vobis unum ostendimus (vide imaginem I), in quo depingitur Tellus dea, id est, terra ferax et fertilis. Ornatur maeandris, qui [...]

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What is Latin?


How many times have you wondered ‘What is Latin’? Is it alive or dead, useful or not, a beautiful or ugly language, interesting or boring, not to mention whether it is Catholic, classist or fascist? These are but a few of the adjectives associated with Latin, which, if nothing else, show just how difficult it is to define this language in a precise and impartial way. Also because the effort spent in choosing the most appropriate adjective often detracts from the fundamental point, from the quid, as Cicero would say, which is to say from the noun, from [...]

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Why this blog about Latin?


Suffice it to say that the origins of this project stem from years of our passionate work with Latin. We could obviously add that we like Latin, we are interested in it, it even fascinates us: and that alone would be reason enough to create a blog. Especially if we consider that Latin is a language which, as such, deserves its communication and sharing. We could also list a number of reasons why studying Latin is important and necessary, except that it seems to us idle to argue pro latinitate, since this language, like it or not, has [...]

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