Dictionaries, phrasebooks et similia

Non refert quam multos [libros], sed quam bonos habeas.
Seneca, Epistulae, XLV, 1


The “Thesaurus linguae latinae”, the largest Latin dictionary. Freely consultable online.

The famous “Lexicon totius Latinitatis” by Egidio Forcellini (very easy to search).

 The same, in pdf form.

A Latin phrasebook (Meissner).

These four books are easily consultable online: Lewis-Short (the Latin-English dictionary), Smith-Hall (an English-Latin dictionary), Döderlein (a “handbook of Latin synonyms”) and the “Horae latinae” (“Studies in [Latin] synonyms and syntax”).

Some dictionaries: among them, Liddell-Scott, the best of all Greek dictionaries, and Lewis-Short, a Latin-English dictionary.

A Latin-English dictionary (Lewis-Short).

The “Oxford Latin Dictionary”.

A Latin-French dictionary freely consultable online (the Gaffiot).

A Latin-French dictionary (the new Gaffiot).

 A Latin-French dictionary.

A Latin-German dictionary (Georges).

 A Latin-Italian dictionary (Georges-Calonghi).

 An online Latin dictionary (in French).

A Latin dictionary, with synonyms, antonyms and a phraseology (Wagner).

“Latin synonyms”, by Schultz (in Italian).

Another treatise on Latin synonyms (in French).

Many links to Latin and Greek dictionaries.

 A lot of links to Latin dictionaries and other reference works.

“Latin dictionary and grammar aid.”

“An historical dictionary and a linguistic encyclopaedia of Latin” (in French).

A dictionary of medieval Latin (Niermeyer, in French and English).

The “Glossarium mediae et infimae Latinitatis”, by Charles du Fresne lord du Cange (in Latin).

A Latin-German dictionary: from Petrarch to the year 1700.

 An Italian-Latin dictionary (Calonghi-Rivoire).

An Italian-English dictionary of neologisms.

A Spanish-Latin dictionary of modern words.

Morgan-Owens Neo-Latin lexicon: to translate modern words into Latin.

A Greek-French dictionary (Bailly).

The best Greek dictionary (Liddel-Scott).