Non […] tam praeclarum est scire Latine quam turpe nescire.
Cicero, Brutus, 140.

About our courses
The Scholae aestivae per Rete are a Latin language course, conducted in Latin and based on the
 “nature”, or “inductive-contextual,” method. The course is directed towards everyone, from teachers to students to plain enthusiasts, who has a love for the language of Rome.

Four different learning levels
When registering, the participants will choose one of four levels – from level A1, the most elementary, to B2, the intermediate one.

We recommend that in choosing your level you take into account not only your passive knowledge of the language but also, and even more importantly, your active proficiency in speaking and writing.
The textbook of reference will be H. H. Ørberg’s Familia Romana.
The following chart shows the chapters of Familia Romana to be covered in levels A and B:
A1: chapters I through X;
A2: chapters XI through XVIII;
B1: chapters XIX through XXVII;
B2: chapters XXVIII through XXXIV.

As far as grammar is concerned, here are the subjects that will be covered in each level:
A1: the first three declensions, first class adjectives, demonstrative pronouns and adjectives, the present infinitive;
A2: the five declensions, first and second class adjectives, pronouns, adverbs, comparatives and superlatives of adjectives and adverbs, deponent verbs, the present, both active and passive;
B1: the supine, the perfect, imperfect, pluperfect and future indicative, both active and passive, the present subjunctive, the gerund;
B2: the gerundive, all the tenses of the subjunctive, the sequence of tenses, the syntax of period.

A course tailored for you
We believe that Latin is a language too, and that in order to learn any language well, one must exercise the four basic linguistic skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing.

We want everybody to take an active part in our lessons: that’s why each group will be composed of no more than ten participants.
To get an idea of how our lessons go, and to choose the right level, we recommend taking a look at the following videos, focused respectively on A1, A2, B1 and B2:

Dates of the courses and timetable of the lessons
The courses will be held from the 3rd of July to the 11th of August (18 one-hour lessons: three per week).
All lessons will be held on Zoom. They will follow this timetable:
A1: every Monday, Wednesday and Friday: lessons will begin at 4 p. m., Rome time (UTC + 2).
A2: every Monday, Wednesday and Friday: lessons will begin at 5:15 p. m., Rome time (UTC + 2).
B1: every Monday, Wednesday and Friday: lessons will begin at 4 p. m., Rome time (UTC + 2).
B2: every Monday, Wednesday and Friday: lessons will begin at 5:15 p. m., Rome time (UTC + 2).
Should you be unable to attend a lesson, the Schola Latina will be glad to provide you with a video recording.
To help participants to meet and make friends, we’ll form some groups on Whatsapp or similar programmes.

Teaching material
Students of levels A and B must have the following books:
Familia RomanaLatine disco (student’s manual), the Grammatica Latina and the Exercitia Latina I.
Other teaching material will be provided by our teachers during the lessons.

All the lessons will be held by
the teachers of the Schola Latina.

Cost of the courses
The A1, A2, B1 and B2 courses cost 199 euros each.
These prices don’t include the above mentioned books.

How to apply
The applications will close no later than June the 11th, but they might even close before that deadline, if the maximum number of applicants is reached. So apply sooner rather than later!

To apply, it’s required to fill out the form below. Upon receiving the application, you will be provided all the details that you need to make the bank transfer.
The application will be kept valid the moment the deposit is received, provided this happens within ten days after the sending of the form.

About us
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