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If you are interested in the Latin and Greek languages and literatures (ancient, medieval and modern), then you are in the right place. We teach all levels of Latin and Greek, from beginning to advanced. And we do this in Latin (or Greek): Latin is the only language used in our lessons, both through the Web and in person, in Italy (in our summer courses) or wherever you may call us

Watch and listen, free of charge, to our lectures, lessons and seminars, in Latin and in other languages. The subjects are varied: the didactics of Latin and Greek, Latin language and literature, the reconstructed pronunciation and the italianate pronunciation, etc.

Learn Latin not only with your eyes, but also with your ears: listen to our readings and audiobooks. You can choose either the classical (also known as reconstructed) or the italianate (and ecclesiastical) pronunciation.

Don’t miss our new posts, and particularly our regular features, such as Proverbia latina, proverbs and maxims annotated, Fabulae, about the characters and stories of Greek and Roman mythology, and Donatus, short notes on the language of Rome.

Vita sine litteris mors est, et hominis vivi sepultura (cfr. Seneca, Epistulae, LXXXII, 3).

Roberto is a true expert of Latin and the classical tradition, and a rare master of pedagogy. You study Latin from, as it were, a native speaker.

Guinevere Rallens, Oxford.

Roberto is kind, patient, funny, with an encyclopaedic knowledge of Latin language and literature.

Samuel J. Kennerley, Cambridge.

Roberto doesn’t get tired from explaining difficult concepts again and again until his student grasps the idea. He is a natural educator – a very passionate one.

Vin Yovanovich, USA.

I remember with a very grateful heart the Latin courses with Roberto. Thank you!

Melchior Poisson, France.

Roberto has a refined knowledge of Latin, and offers the benefit of his company and guidance. He is always friendly, helpful and concerned about students’ progress.

Santiago Bravo Villarroel, Chile.

Roberto’s method is incredibly efficient: studying with him, I have seen Cicero coming back to life!

Guillermo Palao, Spain.

Spending an hour speaking Latin with Roberto is worth countless hours of self study.

Brandon Goggans, USA.

Roberto is an extraordinary teacher and a very generous man. He is very happy to change the style and content of the classes to suit the student’s needs.

Anya R. Sharma, India.

The classes were thoroughly enjoyable, and Roberto would leave anyone bedazzled.

Padre Michael Lavin, New Zealand.

Roberto is not only the instructor of Latin, but a mediator of classical and Renaissance culture.

Péter Bara, Hungary.

Roberto is a patient and solid teacher. He is able to conduct conversation freely in Latin, and is well-read in Latin literature.

Zhengyuan Zhang, China.

Roberto has exceptional teaching talent and an intuitive ability to pace and tailor lessons to my needs.

Julie Brennan, USA.

Roberto possesses an endless knowledge about Latin. He is a very talented teacher, who knows what a student needs.

Anouk Romeijnders, Holland.

I recommend this experience to anybody who would like to learn Latin seriously.

Benoît T., France.

Roberto Carfagni is an exceptional Latinist with a deep and living knowledge of the language.

George Corbett, Cambridge.

Roberto is joyful and good-humored. There is no pedantry, but simplicity and satisfaction for learning.

Fernando Arana, Mexico.

Roberto is not only a scholar of great erudition, but he is also generous, funny and extremely friendly.

Ori Liebermann, Israel.
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